Fan Expo Canada 2012
By SallyAugust 28, 2012

Yarn of Despair was generously given space at the Silver Snail island at this year's Fan Expo! 

It's always such a blast to watch people see my dolls from several feet away, squee, then run over to play with them. This year's finger puppets were also very successful -- who doesn't want to re-enact key Star Wars scenes?

Some of the best moments come when other crafters wander by -- it's always nice when a fellow yarn-enthusiast can recognize your efforts. Plus, it was fun to see how people decorate themselves with crocheted or knitted items. There was a pretty awesome looking platypus hat -- will share the details once I find the business card!

As expected, the Jayne hat did extremely well -- so well that I once again sold out after the first day. While I didn't have enough yarn with me to make any more adult sized hats, I did make several pins. 

Jayne hats are pretty popular, so it's always fun to play the game of "Did I make that one?" -- my color palette is fairly distinctive, though, so it was pretty obvious when a crocheted Jayne hat passed by. I saw a few crocheted versions done by other people, so it's nice to see crochet getting a higher profile. While I'd love to make a "canon" Jayne hat, my attempts at knitting (and there have been a few) have not gone over too well. Plus, it's just so much faster for me to crochet. 

I also started making little octopus dolls -- I will be updating the photo galleries and store items later this week. The little girl helping with her father's booth opposite me kept coming back to play with those little guys. 

All in all, Fan Expo was a success! I wasn't as prepared as I'd like to have been (the last month has not been kind), but it was still fun and I got to talk to a lot of interesting people. Next year I promise I'll have brain slugs ;)

Kat Keeling
September 3, 2012 3:42:19pm
Heh found your site googling Fan Expo knit/crochet because I wore a large crochet Twi'lek hat I made at fan expo. I agree that there was a lot more knit and crochet going on and it was great! I didn't get a chance to buy any of your little guys 'cause we were in panels mostly, but they were sooo cute!
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